The Best Restaurants in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham is quite possibly one of the most unique cities I’ve visited. It has everything you think of when you think of a smaller city: lot of people, plenty of amazing restaurants, and its fair share of traffic. Part of the city feels like it’s nestled in the woods, surrounded by pine trees. The other part feels very similar to San Fransisco in my opinion, with hills, winding streets, and harbors lining the coast.

Since Bellingham is a city that caters to just about anyone, I would hope that their restaurant scene would follow suit. We just moved to the Bellingham area from Bozeman, Montana (visit this article for the best restaurants in Bozeman!), so we are still getting a feel for everything the city has to offer. However, we’ve eaten at some pretty fantastic restaurants so far – enough that I feel confident to start writing this post about the best restaurants in Bellingham!

This will be a running list that I’ll continuously add to it when we find a restaurant worthy of opening it back up and typing a review.

If you’re visiting Bellingham, here’s where to start when you get hungry:

Birch Door Cafe

The first thing you’ll notice about the Birch Door Cafe is the huge heavy door. You might even wonder if it’s made of…Birch. I have to assume it is, but I don’t have any proof to give you. The next thing you’ll notice is the unique interior. This cafe is so beautifully decorated with ornate gold frames, interesting lighting, and fun wallpaper.

I’m happy to report that the quality of food matches the quality of the decor. If you visit on the weekend, they only serve breakfast, but you can order breakfast or lunch during week days. Whatever time you decide to visit, PLEASE order an omelet. Omelets are usually my go-to for breakfast food and this was the best one I’ve ever had. I’m not exaggerating. Their omelets are French-style, so they are fluffy and cooked to perfection. I personally suggest the Mexican Omelet.

Bellewood Farms & Distillery

Most people in Bellingham (by most people, I mean the one friend I’ve made so far) think of Bellewood Farms as a place to go for pumpkin picking or the fall festival they host every year. However, just a short drive from the center of Bellingham, it’s also an awesome place to go for lunch.

They have a country-style store in front and a cafe in back. We’ve been here three times already and all the food we’ve tried has been amazing. I highly recommend the French country sandwich and the french fries (they’re double fried!).

If you visit in the warmer months, you can also sit outside on their patio with a gorgeous view of their farm and the mountains in the distance.

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