Hey, I'm sarah, a remote worker, mountain lover, husky mama, and world traveler.

I’m a travel blogger living in the very Northwest corner of Washington. Yes, almost Canada. I started working remotely in 2020 (didn’t we all?) and fell in love with the flexible lifestyle. Now, I’m still fully remote and taking advantage of it every chance I get. One of my favorite things in the world is working from epic destinations, especially Europe.

My Remote Work Story

Right out of college, I took what I thought was going to be an amazing job. I was working as a patent engineer and had ambitions of going to law school and becoming a patent attorney. However, my relationship with my employer turned sour and I quickly realized I needed a change. I ended up in the world of tech sales, partly by luck, and I’m still there to this day. I have a passion for this industry simply because it allows those who work in it the flexibility that I was craving. I lived in Chicago and commuted into an office every day for three years and I can confidently say I will never work in an office like that again. The location freedom that comes with remote work is not something I take for granted; it’s something I’m thankful for every single day I sit down at my computer. 

Favorite place I’ve ever traveled: Scotland!

Fun Facts about Me

1. I’ve lived in Chicago, Texas, Montana, and Washington. I loved things about each of them, but overall, Montana was my favorite. Texas had the best food, though!

2. Most of my friends and family work in an office and have a limited amount of PTO, so I do a lot of solo and group travel if I don’t have anyone to come with.

3. We are renovating a 100+ year old house in the middle of nowhere in Washington State. I visit so many cool places, but I also really love being home with my boyfriend and our husky pup.


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