Shopping in Bozeman: Where to Find the Cutest Boutiques

Shopping in Bozeman

Shopping in downtown Bozeman is one of my favorite things to do in town and it’s always on my list of recommended activities for when someone wants to visit. Downtown Main Street is lined with boutiques, outdoor stores, Montana-themed gift shops, and restaurants. Of course, there are some boutiques not on Main St., too.

Here are some of the cutest boutiques in Bozeman and what you can find at their stores:


If you go to only one boutique in Bozeman, make it this one! Heyday has the prettiest store and is full of the cutest items you never knew you needed! This is such an awesome place to shop for a gift or for a special Montana-themed item.

Visit their website for more info!

Jonah & Sage

Jonah and Sage is the sister store to Damselfly Clothing Co. and it’s got such a cute, curated collection of women’s clothing, accessories, and small gifts.

Visit their website for more info!

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Re-Couture Boutique

Re-Couture is a consignment shop that specializes in designer brands. You’ll find high-end designer brands here, but you’ll also find more affordable mid-tier designer brands as well.

Visit their website for more info!

Meridian Boutique

Meridian Boutique has such a great collection of contemporary, modern clothing as well small gifts and jewelry. They’re currently closed for renovation, but you can always shop online until the reopening!

Visit their website for more info!

Damselfly Clothing Co.

As I mentioned above, Damselfly is the sister store to Jonah and Sage. Damselfly offers both men’s and women’s clothing along with shoes, candles, jewelry, and more! For now, you can shop both of these stores either in store or at the Damselfly website.

Visit their website for more info!

AshleyCole Boutique

AshleyCole Boutique is full of luxury items – both vintage and modern. You’ll find mostly women’s clothing and accessories. They even have a styling subscription box similar to Stichfix or TrunkClub!

Visit their website for more info!

Head West

Head West will be your one-stop-shop for western wear in Bozeman. They offer clothing for both men and women as well as home items. You’ll find plenty of western hats, boots, belts, and more at this boutique.

Visit their website for more info!

The Montana Scene

If you’re looking for a Montana-themed shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or gift, this is your place! The Montana Scene has the cutest Montana apparel for men, women, and kids.

Visit their website for more info!

Intrigue Ink

Intrugue Ink is right up there with The Montana Scene when it comes to Montana/western-themed apparel. They have clothing for both men and women along with a few other unique items like sage smudge sticks and cute stationary!

Visit their website for more info!

Catch Boutique

Catch actually started as a pink fashion truck here in Bozeman and now lives in the Ferguson Farms Market Building! You’ll find cute, modern clothing here generally catering toward younger women.

Visit their website for more info!

Whiskey and Lace Clothing Boutique

Whiskey and Lace has some of the cutest clothing and their prices are very affordable. You’ll find women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories here. Of course, they also have some smaller home goods like candles, coozies, and yes, SCHITT’S CREEK STICKERS!!

Visit their website for more info!

Collective by Dawn Josephine

The aesthetic of this store just makes me happy! You’ll find a lot of home items here: furniture, leather goods, and more, but you’ll also find clothing! This is one of those places where you end up finding something you never knew you needed.

Visit their website for more info!

Where have you been shopping in Bozeman?

Obviously, this isn’t a list of EVERY boutique in Bozeman. If it was, you’d never make it to the end! These are the ones I think are the cutest and have the best and most unique products. Have you been shopping in Bozeman? Let me know in the comments which boutiques you loved and I’ll add them to the list if they aren’t already there!

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  • Kaylie Vancoller
    October 5, 2022

    Mōka Boutique is my absolute favorite!!