AirBnB in Bozeman: Our Stay in the Yonder Yurt

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Last year, Austin and I decided that we wanted to take a short weekend trip for our birthdays to get away from our responsibilities and just be with each other for a few days. We visited Butte, Montana last July for Austin’s birthday. When my birthday came around in March, I started looking for unique experiences on AirBnB in Bozeman. I love staying in unique places!

This is when I came across the Yonder Yurt.

The AirBnB listing for the Yonder Yurt said it was in Bozeman which intrigued me because it also looked like it was in the middle of nowhere in the foothills of the mountains. This was a part of Bozeman I hadn’t seen yet! The inside of the yurt looked very cute and I loved that it was closeby, so we booked it!

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Just to be clear before you read on, even though it might seem like it, this post is not sponsored and I paid in full to stay at the Yonder Yurt! This was my true and honest impression of this Airbnb.

What is a Yurt?

You can think of a yurt as a large, round, semi-permanent tent. These structures are usually a bit more solid and stable than your typical tent and generally, you can stand up in them. Sometimes, you’ll find yurts that are relatively empty and are just used for shelter, but this yurt was on the other side of the spectrum – it was beautiful!

The Interior of the Yonder Yurt

This was the most beautifully-decorated AirBnB I’ve every stayed at. The interior base was a lot of multi-colored wood which gave it a cabin-like feel. The rest of the decor was what I like to call mountain-chic. The simplistic design mixed with rustic decor is a combination that makes me happy just looking at it.

When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted with the fully-stocked kitchen. Not only was this kitchen incredibly useful, but it was also very aesthetically pleasing! There’s something about a pretty kitchen that makes me want to cook, make tea, or just spend time in that area. Heck, I didn’t even mind when it took about 20 minutes to make two cups of coffee with the french press!

Opposite from the kitchen, the wood-burning stove will catch your eye in the living area. I think a wood-burning stove is such a statement and I’ll probably never own a house without one. This one was beautiful and gave us great ambiance at night when it was on and we could see the reflection of the flickering fire in the sloped ceiling.

The owners of the Yonder Yurt went above and beyond with detail. From the cozy bedding to the ceramic mugs to the pillow spray they leave out for you, this place is stunning.

Views from the Yonder Yurt

The owners could not have picked a better location for the Yonder Yurt. It sits in the foothills of the mountains, meaning you can still see the surrounding mountain ranges since you’re not quite in them yet. This also means you’ll still get good cell service!

There are a few houses that you can see from the yurt, but they are far enough away that you’ll still feel like you have some privacy.

One of my favorite parts about staying here was making coffee in the morning and then sitting on the steps outside to look at the mountains. It was so peaceful and almost like my own form of meditation.

What to do near the Yonder Yurt

If you’re only staying for a night or two, you’ll likely want to just stay at the yurt and relax while you’re visiting. There are a few board games to choose from, you can cook, there are a number of books to read, and more. However, I understand the feeling of wanting to get out and do something after a couple of days. The owners provided a very helpful list of things to do in the area, but here’s what I would recommend:

Go on a hike

If you’re visiting in good weather, this area is too beautiful not to hike! You’ll find a laminated piece of paper with a few hike suggestions on the table in the yurt. Otherwise, I like to use the AllTrails App to find new hikes near me.

Start a bonfire

There is a fire pit right outside of the yurt which was perfect on a chilly evening! Grab some wood and keep warm by the fire. Just remember to bring marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers if you like s’mores!

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Drive into Bozeman

Since this Airbnb is in Bozeman, it’s only about 20 minutes to drive to anything downtown. There’s so much to do in town like go to a museum, eat at a nice restaurant, shop downtown, and more. I have an entire post you should check out about what I recommend doing in Bozeman when you’re here!

Go on a scenic drive

If you’re not up for a hike, a scenic drive can also get you some amazing views! We did a 4-hour scenic drive last summer that started and ended in Bozeman, but if you’re up for it, you can just start driving in any direction in this area and see some incredible landscapes.

having coffee at the best airbnb in Bozeman, montana: the yonder yurt

Should you visit the Yonder Yurt?

The Yonder Yurt certainly isn’t for everyone. I’d say if you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing Airbnb in Bozeman, this is an incredible place to stay. However, if you’re looking to be in the heart of Bozeman and are a bit of a fast traveler, then I’d recommend staying somewhere in Downtown Bozeman.

Thank you so much to the owners of the Yonder Yurt – I hope to be back soon!

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