Airbnb in Annecy, France with an Amazing View

Post Summary: I stayed at an Airbnb in Annecy, France that was budget-friendly, but it had an amazing view from the balcony. Here’s my review.

Most of our two-week trip to France was spent in Paris, but we knew we wanted to get out of the city and stay in a smaller town for a few days. We ended up choosing Annecy, France because it was near the mountains and it looked like a fairytale (it was!). We were using Airbnb quite a bit on this trip because there were three of us and it was just cheaper to get a nice Airbnb than it was to get 2-3 hotel rooms.

We started looking for an Airbnb in Annecy and came across Le Balcon du Palais de l’Isle and booked it right away. The view from the balcony was the selling point for us!

Location of this Airbnb

Like I mentioned above, the view was the selling point. This apartment is located right on one of the canals that runs through Old Town, so the balcony was right over the water. Looking to the left, we could see Old Town Annecy and the mountains beyond it. It was such a nice feeling to wake up and immediately go outside to see that!

We were also right in the heart of Old Town which made it easy to walk anywhere we wanted to go: Lake Annecy, Annecy Farmers Market, shops in Old Town and more.

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It was also within walking distance of the train station which made it easy when we arrived and when we left to go back to Paris.

Interior could use some work

Of course, no Airbnb is going to be perfect. The whole time we were there, we kept thinking out loud that with a little bit of interior design, this apartment would go from “great” to “amazing”!

Nothing was terrible, but it felt a bit chaotic at times. Of course, the owners might like this about the place because everyone’s style is different. However, I would have loved to see more of a cohesive design.

view of the mountains and old town from our airbnb in annecy
View from the balcony of this airbnb

How many people can comfortably stay here?

The first thing to note is that this Airbnb is a studio apartment. There is a curtain separating the main sleeping area from the rest of the space, but there’s no door. This sleeping area has a queen bed which I shared with one of the girls I was with.

There is also a futon-like couch that folds down into a twin-sized bed in the living room area.

So, I’d say three people can comfortably stay here if you don’t mind the lack of privacy. If you’d like to have space to yourself, it’s the perfect size for a couple traveling together!

Other options for Airbnb in Annecy

Of course, there are many other options for an Airbnb in Annecy. Here are a few that caught my eye:

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