Tech Companies Hiring Remote Workers in February 2024

I may be a travel blogger, but I also have a remote 9-5 job that funds all my travel experiences and allows me to work remotely as I explore the world. I’ve talked with lots of people over on Instagram about remote work and whether it might not be for them. It seems that a lot of you love the idea of a remote work lifestyle, whether or not you want to add lots of travel into the mix, but the big barrier is actually FINDING these jobs.

It’s not always easy to find remote positions without knowing someone that already works at a company, or paying for job search platforms. In my role, I work with a lot of tech companies that are hiring remote workers, so I thought I’d help in a small way where I can!

Below, you’ll find a list of tech companies that are hiring remote workers right now! Feel free to explore the different positions – some are entry level, and some require experience in tech sales or engineering.

Disclaimer: I can’t really speak to the company culture too much. However, I do know several people at each of these companies that seem to like their jobs. Also, I will never give a recommendation or serve as a reference on a resume if I haven’t personally worked with or know the person. This is just a reference list. The rest is up to you!


Cloudflare is a network security company and one of my company’s largest partners. They help optimize and secure networks globally, especially companies that have remote workers. They have a LOT of open positions right now. Here are the ones that are remote and based in the US.


We all know who Zoom is at this point – probably the largest meetings platform on the market. However, they do more than just meetings. When their platform drastically took off in 2020, they launched a full cloud-hosted communications platform and contact center platform (UCaaS and CCaaS). The CCaaS (contact center as a service) space is growing rapidly right now and Zoom is right along with it. At this link, you’ll find several remote positions available.


I absolutely love working with CBTS. They hold a special place in my heart because a few of their engineers have been supporting us since I started in my current role (almost 6 years ago!). They are a managed service provider that has quite a few different offerings including networking, SD-WAN, network security, general managed services, hosted telephony, and more. Search “remote” at this webpage. Most of their remote positions are for network or security engineers.


Five9 offers a contact center as a service (CCaaS) platform. You know when you call into any company and your call (hopefully) makes it to a person to help you, or gives you a self-service prompt to answer your question? CCaaS is the platform behind the scenes that makes that happen and this industry is growing! Five9 is consistently a leader in this space. Just scroll to the bottom of this webpage and filter the list by “US.” You’ll see their remote jobs have a “(remote)” indication.


RingCentral is a competitor to Zoom. They offer a lot of the same functionality with meetings, UCaaS, and CCaaS. They were our top UCaaS partner last year and are a consistent leader in this industry. Check out their remote job openings here!

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