How to Get to Positano, Italy

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If you haven’t been to Positano yet, I’m sure you’ve seen its infamous coastline with pastel buildings lining the entire hill, running into some of the most beautiful beaches. And, on the off chance, if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a photo above for reference!

It’s no secret as to why so many people flock to Positano each year.

The food of Italy mixed with the fairytale essence of this coastal town was enough to make me drop everything and head to my own version of paradise.

Which is exactly what I did in May 2019!

I went on my first trip to Europe and kicked off the exploration with the town of Positano.

Once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave, but getting there can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done your research. But HEY! It looks like that’s exactly what you’re doing right now by reading this post – researching!

So, here are your options for getting to Positano depending on where you’re coming from.

How to get to Positano from the US

The easiest way to get to Positano from the US is to fly in to the Naples Airport. Once you get to Naples, read on to understand how to get to Positano from there.

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From Naples

Naples is likely the most popular starting point to get to Positano. Once you’re there, you have some options.

You can hire someone to drive you to your hotel from Naples Airport. This is what I did since I was alone and I got in late, but it’s easily the most expensive. I used a service similar to this one that I found on Get Your Guide.

Read more about my trip to Positano in this blog post!

If you want the luxury of a car taking you to Positano, but you don’t want to pay the price of a private transfer, you can opt for a cheaper, shared option. This means the ride could take longer and you’ll be sharing the car with others, but it’s a lot less expensive.

Now, let’s get to public transportation because there are still many ways to get from Naples to Positano!

The best option (in my opinion) if you’re traveling in the warmer months is to take a ferry from Naples to Positano. There are usually only one or two ferries running this route per day, so you’re time slots are a bit more restricted than the options listed below, but why not start your visit off in the water, getting the best view of the coastline?

If boats aren’t your thing, you can also take a train from Naples to Sorrento. However, that’s only half the journey! Once you’re in Sorrento, you can take a bus to Positano. You can also take a ferry, a private transfer, or a shared transfer, but if you decide on any of these options, you might as well take the ferry or a transfer directly from Naples instead of adding Sorrento as a stop.

One last option is to rent a vehicle from Naples airport and drive to Positano. I wouldn’t recommend this as the roads are very narrow and windy and I probably wouldn’t trust myself driving over 15 MPH on them, but I’ll leave that up to you.

From any other Italian city

If Positano is somewhere in the middle or toward the end of your Italy trip, there are a few options to get there.

The most expensive option is to hire a private transfer from wherever you’re staying before Positano. Chances are, there’s a shared transfer option as well.

You can also rent a car from wherever you’re staying and drive, but again, I wouldn’t recommend it. Amalfi coast roads aren’t exactly easy to maneuver for tourists.

Lastly, you can somehow get to Naples and then choose an option above to get from Naples to Positano. Within Italy, I’d suggest catching a train from Rome, Florence, or any other area you’re staying in before Positano. Flying is also an option, but Italy’s (and most of Europe’s) train system is so well built out and quite fast, so you’ll likely be fine with that (and save a few dollars).

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How to get to Positano from any other European country

This option is going to be similar to getting there from anywhere around Italy. You’ll want to either fly into Naples or catch a train to Naples (depending on where you’re coming from). At that point, you’ll want to choose an option above for getting from Naples to Positano.

From any other continent

This is the exact same recommendation as the “from the US” section, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out here! You’ll want to fly into Naples and then choose an option for getting from Naples to Positano.

Trust me, it’s worth it

I know at this point, it probably seems like a big ole hassle to get to Positano, but for me, that’s part of its charm. It’s its own little hideaway town.

Before I decided to start my Italy trip on the Amalfi Coast, I was trying to decide between staying in Naples and staying in Positano. I have to be honest – I’m SO glad I chose Positano.

Naples is a neat city and has some amazing food and history and it might be easier to get to, but nothing beats the beauty of Positano.

Have you been? Tell me in the comments how you got there!

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