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Travel Tips

Winter Camping 101: Everything You Need To Know

I’ve told a lot of people about our winter camping trip we took recently and almost everyone’s reaction was the same. “You went camping…in the cold…?” YES! I’ll admit, I was VERY nervous going

Truck Camping 101: Everything You Need To Know

Truck camping is not your average pitch-a-tent camping experience. If done right, it can be a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground and it can take you to some pretty epic places!

5 Simple Steps to Afford More Travel

Listen, if you’re reading this, I feel you. Your frustration over feeling like you can’t afford to take all the trips you see all over Instagram – I’ve been there. And to prove it,

The Unfiltered Truth About Traveling Alone

I posted about my trip to the Amalfi Coast recently and one aspect of the trip that I didn’t go into much detail about was the fact that I was completely alone there. And