Outdoorsy Gift Guide

A collection of some of the best gifts you can buy someone who loves the outdoors!

DISCLAIMER: As an affiliate, I make a small commission on a few of the items listed below. Rest assured that you’ll never have to pay more!

Hiking gifts

For the person in your life that loves to hit the trails.

for the home

Kitchen and home items that will make any adventure-lover smile.

camping gifts

From tents to camping food. Everything a camper could need.


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For the hiker...

Osprey Women's daypack

Retailer: Idaho Mountain Touring

A backpack to fit everything you might need for a day hike. Also options for backcountry packs, mountain biking packs, and more!

USA National Park annual pass

Retailer: National Park Service

The perfect gift for the national park-lover in your life! This will give them access to all the USA national parks for one year.

Patagonia Alplight down jacket

Retailer: Patagonia

Hiking doesn’t have to stop when it gets cold if you have the right gear!

Hiker Medical first-aid kit

Retailer: Idaho Mountain Touring

Always go prepared. We’ve used our first-aid kit more than we ever thought we would and we are so thankful we have it every time!

Merrell Hiking boots

Retailer: Sportsman’s Warehouse

Merrell is my personal favorite brand of hiking boots (hello wide feet!).

Osprey 3L Water reservoir

Retailer: Sportsman’s Warehouse

I promise not all water reservoirs are the same and this one is superior to them all.

For the home...

Big sky lone peak tumbler

Retailer: Heyday

These are perfect for anyone who loves mountains. They are hand blown with a mold of Lone Peak in Big Sky, Montana.

Montana wildflowers tea towel

Retailer: Heyday

I’m about to go buy this one for myself because it’s so cute and perfect for any Montana-lover out there.

Cabin porn coffee Table book

Retailer: Heyday

Know someone who loves a woodsy cabin? This is the perfect, aesthetic addition to their living room!

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For the camper...

Escape campervan experience

Retailer: Escape Campervan

This company rents campervans out of most major cities. This is the perfect way to camp while still having the amenities of a kitchen, a bathroom, a mattress, and more!

Windburner camping stove system

Retailer: Idaho Mountain Touring

If you need to boil water while camping or backpacking, this device can fit in your pack and you don’t have to rely on fire.

heather's choice camp meals

Retailer: Idaho Mountain Touring

Freeze-dried camping meals make a great gift for an avid camper. Just add boiling water!

Windburner coffee press kit

Retailer: Idaho Mountain Touring

Turn your windburner stove system into a coffee brewing machine! This attaches to the stove linked above for easy coffee on the trails.

Canvas winter camping tent

Retailer: Whiteduck Outdoors

We have this tent for winter camping. It’s stove jack is compatable wth wood burning stoves to keep you warm even in freezing temperatures.

Doublenest hammock

Retailer: Idaho Mountain Touring

These hammocks make such a comfortable spot to read, nap, or stargaze while camping.

adventure Fast Flow water jug

Retailer: Stanley

If you have the room for it, taking a water jug like this on a camping trip makes things so much easier than having to filter water.

Adventure base camp cook set

Retailer: Stanley

Everything you need to cook over a fire or a camp stove. Also comes with plates, bowls, and utensils.

Zero gravity lounger

Retailer: Sportsman’s Warehouse

This is the chair that everyone fights over when camping, so buy two if you can! 

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